Miller Brewing Company / MillerCoors

Process Piping, Plumbing, HVAC, Underground Site Utilities, Service and Maintenance. Grunau Company has provided mechanical services to Miller Brewing Company/MillerCoors for over 50 years. This broad range of services includes all mechanical installations in six new breweries, as well as continuous service to Milwaukee breweries.

Grunau Location: Wisconsin Office

Owner: MillerCoors

Case Study: Miller Brewing Company / MillerCoors Case Study

Testimonial: Grunau was involved in the construction of many of our buildings and their continued involvement in the day-to-day operations of the facility continues to benefit Miller. The relationship our companies have enjoyed over the years is a testimony to the trust factor we have established and the values we share. The personal involvement by Grunau's management ensures a very high level of customer satisfaction. ~ Tom Blaedon, Corporate Facilities Manager at Miller

Completed: Ongoing for over 50 years

Photo Courtesy of Miller Brewing Company