FL ~ Port Orleans ~ Lake Buena Vista

Port Orleans is a popular hotel at Walt Disney World in Florida, famous for its Louisiana flair. When park officials discovered existing fire protection piping on the hotel’s roof was beginning to corrode, they called Grunau to resolve. Original black steel piping and fittings were replaced with stronger galvanized steel. Grunau swapped out nearly a mile of piping across all 7 buildings that make up the Port Orleans hotel complex and coordinated work to keep the hotel fully-operational.

Grunau Location: Florida Office

Owner: Walt Disney World

Testimonial: They exceeded my expectations of how a contractor should perform. They were dedicated to getting the work done from the start. All these guys have my utmost gratitude for a great job. ~ Eddie Hendrix of Disney's facility asset management

Completed: January 2010

Grunau replaced corroded fire protection equipment on the roof of Disney's Port Orleans hotel